Politica de Privacidad

Esta Politica de Privacidad describe cómo DGTL BV ("DGTL) utiliza la información personal de los usuarios y los servicios ofrecidos por DGTL. DGTL concede una gran importancia en garantizar que la recogida y tratamiento de los datos personales de una manera cuidadosa y segura.


DGTL (Registration number: 62,013,904) es responsable del procesamiento de tu información personal, estamos en Cruquiusweg 146 en Amsterdam.


DGTL administra el sitio web www.DGTL.nl DGTL del evento, al cual nos referimos en esta declaración de privacidad "Sitio Web". DGTL tiene, como responsable del tratamiento en el sentido de la Ley de Protección de Datos, el tratamiento de dichos datos personales con la autoridad de protección de datos holandesa.

Si tienes cualquier duda sobre la privacidad o el procesamiento de tu información personal, puedes enviar un email a info@apenkooi.nl.  


DGTL recoge a través de su página web, plataformas y diversos eventos los datos personales. DGTL recoge los datos personales obtenidos a través de:

  • Porque ha especificado contacto e información de cuenta (como nombre, dirección, número de teléfono, dirección de correo electrónico, número de cliente, fecha de nacimiento y sexo);

  • Su dirección IP y geo ubicaciones;

  • publicado públicamente los datos por usted (como en nuestra página web o en los sitios de medios sociales publicado mensajes) a través de la base de datos de medios sociales Coosto; y

  • su gusto por la música en función de sus artistas favoritos seleccionados y / o entradas ya ordenadas, en particular mediante gustos en Facebook;

  • durante los eventos utilizados sistemas de cajas registradoras computarizadas;

  • las cookies a través de la Web;
    imágenes de la cámara tomadas durante los eventos.



DGTL utiliza la información personal para los siguientes objetivos:

  • implementing its services in the field of organization of events and festivals; including monitoring the security at major events.
  • the implementation of an agreement, under which is to enforce the terms of DGTL;
  • for the management of its customer administration;
  • For marketing purposes, provide the specific information about offers, events and festivals, which by or organized on behalf of DGTL, eg via mailings by e-mail or mobile phone (SMS / EMS / MMS messages) or by regular mail;
  • to improve its services (for example through surveys);
  • for registration of visitor data of (parts of) its Website;
  • the implementation of market research and data analysis which DGTL also can enrich the data with other data
  • for the purpose of improving the services for the purposes as mentioned above; and
  • to improve and protect the Website.
  • shooting during events (for commercial use only with permission), which when buying one ticket and attending an event by the Terms and House Rules Visitors Visitors permission has been obtained.

Tu intomación no será utilizada para otros propósitos de los arriba mencionados.  

We may share your data with the DGTL to affiliates and to parties that we engage in the implementation of our services, as explained above. Outside we provide no data to third parties unless we are legally required. DGTL will provide beyond the aforementioned cases, no personal data to parties in other countries.


DGTL to a number of companies affiliated to know: Apenkooi Brand Activation BV hodn Playgrounds, Apenkooi Events BV, Kingsday Festival BV and BV Amsterdam Live on Stage With these affiliates, we may share your personal data.   

Third parties 

DGTL allows for the exercise of its service contracts by third parties (processors). These third parties are acting only on behalf of DGTL. This Privacy Statement also apply to the information collected through these third-party Web site, where they act as editor for DGTL. These parties are referred to in this Privacy Statement as 'Third Party'.



DGTL keep your personal information as long as necessary to carry out the purpose for which we have collected these. We keep your personal information up to 10 years from the last time there was an interaction with you. In some cases it may happen that we store your personal data longer because of a legal obligation that we must meet. 



You can always retrieve your data if necessary (to) change or delete. This can be done in two ways. First, you can change your account at our ticket partner. Secondly, you can log in to the DGTL website to change your information or remove it.

For further questions and a request for access to your data, you can send an email to DGTL via info@apenkooi.com.



DGTL send your newsletters to keep you informed of our products and services. For this, you can unsubscribe via the settings on the website.

Furthermore, the bottom of each e-mail, SMS, EMS or MMS message, which you DGTL (or its affiliated Web site or service providers) receive the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list, so you DGTL (or its affiliates and Website or contractors) no longer receive information.



DGTL pays much attention to the security of your data. Only people for whom the virtue of his or her function is necessary to access the systems that users' data is stored. DGTL has taken several security measures to ensure the safety of your data, so we work with secure systems and access codes. 



"Cookies" are small text files that collect information about the surfing behavior of the visitors of the Website. DGTL uses cookies to optimize our services and you can be of service possible. For more information about the use of cookies on our website we please go to the cookie policy on our website. 



DGTL reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy of regular self DGTL regarding changes. For material changes to this statement you will be notified via email. 

Release: May 19, 2015



DGTL uses analytical cookies to understand how the site is used, in order to gain knowledge about the interests of visitors and to improve the website again and again and more user-friendly. For example, recorded how long visitors stay on a particular page, how many clicks on a page or artist but also whether a particular link is not functioning properly. Cookies can also be used to test the effectiveness of advertising, so we are the best and most relevant offers can display. In addition, DGTL use social plug-ins, to give visitors the opportunity to directly share a concert or festival with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This plug-in is the privacy policy of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to apply, which can be found on their website. CHANGES DGTL reserves the right to make changes in this Cookie Statement. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy of regular self DGTL regarding changes. For material changes to this statement you will be notified via email.


Release: May 19, 2015