3 Dec 2018

Last important info for the festival

We have almost everything ready for our grand debut! The big night is just two days away, so be sure to check this list we've put together with all the essential information. 

Our checklist for DGTL Madrid: 

  • The event will be held at IFEMA's 3rd and 5th pavilions. Access to the event will be through IFEMA’s pavilion number 3, located near the southern access (where the Feria de Madrid metro station is), please check the following map for a clearer view: 


  • For further instructions on how to get to the venue, please follow this link

  • To check the event’s map, please follow this link.

  • To check our timetable, please follow this link. 


  • Tickets: you can bring your tickets printed or in your mobile device (we suggest to go for the latter because of its lesser environmental impact). There will be tickets available at the door, though we recommend to purchase tickets beforehand through our official channels (here) to ensure your access. 
  • There will a lost&found point within the premises. All found objects will be handed over to IFEMA. 

  • Access with backpacks bigger than A4 size won’t be allowed, we will have a cloakroom at the entrance were you can leave them safely along other forbidden objets (i.e. suitcases, helmets, bottles, skateboards, etc.) 

  • DGTL Madrid’s payment method will be through tokens. There will be different points within the event where you can buy them with both cash and credit/debit card. 

  • There will be a 1€ deposit for water bottles and cups. Please be sure to bring the cup/bottle to the bar when ordering your next drink. Once the event is over, you can take the cup home with you (or exchange the empty water bottle for a cup) 

  • This event is only for +18 audiences. It is possible that the security personnel at the entrance ask for legal ID to check the assistant’s age. Please, do bring legal identification with you. 

  • For further information, remember to check our house rules list here.
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