The traffic, the gas, the parking, the designated driver, the generated pollution and the long hours behind the wheel. Having a car is useful, for sure, but bringing it to a festival does have its downsides. This is why we partnered up with LocalTerminal to bring you closer to DGTL Madrid, no matter where your home is. 

The process is quite simple: 

  • Enter DGTL's event at LocalTerminal's website 
  • Select your city (Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Madrid's surroundings, we got you)
  • Reserve your spot on the bus & encourage your friends to do the same (our group ticket discounts also apply here!)
  • Once the bus reaches the minimum capacity for ensuring the trip, payment is processed. Be sure to regularly check your bus' status for the latests news. Payment will be processed only when the trip is assured. 
  • Get yourself to the nearest stop and enjoy the ride to Madrid! Buses will also pick you up at the end of the festival and carry you home.

 By getting to the festival on a bus, you can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of a car trip. Besides, nothing beats a refreshing nap while they get you as close as possible to your doorstep.